Sheep Herding for City Dogs

Let your dog do what it’s naturally bred to do.


We are here to help city and suburban working dogs do what they were bred to do, with the added advantage of off leash control.

Why Sheep Herding?

Dogs Love To Work

Your dog may already be showing signs of it’s herding ancestry. Maybe your dog likes to chase the lawn mower, cars or try round up running children, chickens, dogs at your local dog park? If so, your dog will love working sheep.

For All Herding Breeds

For all herding breeds, Aust Cattle Dog, Aust Shepherd, Aust Kelpie, Bearded Collie, Belgian Sheperd (all varieties), Border Collie, Bouvier Dex Flanders, Briard, Collie Rough & Smooth,
German Shepherd, Finnish Lapphund, Norwegian Buhund, Old English Sheepdog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Puli, Pumi, Samoyed, Shetland Sheepdog, Swedish Vallhund, Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Welsh Corgi Pembroke mixed breed provided they are a mix or a apportioned mix of breeds listed above

Have Fun With Your Dog

Sheep herding is a fun activity you
can enjoy with your dog and other
like minded people. You create a
better working relationship with your dog building trust and respect.
You can almost see them smile as
they work.

Gain Off-Leash Control

The basic training you gain from sheep herding will create greater off leash control of your dog.

No Skills Required

No skills are required, you and your dog can come from the city not having seen sheep before. As long as you bring sturdy shoes and a flat collar for your dog you are good to go!

Compete For Fun

Test out your newly acquired skills by competing in our in house trials held several times a year or for the more serious competitor compete in ANKC or QWSDA sanctioned sheepdog trials.



1 Hour

$70 per dog

First Visit / New Customers
Includes evaluation of your dog and the training required

$35 per dog

Existing / Returning Customers

One on One

1 Hour



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Where To Find Us

Sheep Herding For City Dogs is located an hours drive north of Brisbane Qld, just outside of Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Find us at 49 Stirling Rd Peachester, surrounded by scenic views of the Glass House Mountains & rainforest.